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Why Search Engine Optimization
July 24, 2012
Does Your SEO Firm Raise Red Flags?
August 18, 2012

SEO is the ability to build trust between the search engines and your website and by building strong trust with them, your website will eventually pop for the keywords related to your products and services.

Many businesses today still don’t understand SEO or know how it works. They still resort to old marketing methods that are pretty much outdated. Think about it, who uses a phone book still? What happens to door hangers you find handing on your front door? Into the trash they go!!! Newspaper, TV and radio are all expensive marketing techniques that offer very little ROI. Why continue to spend more money than you have to, especially when your getting a very little return on investment from them? Doesn’t make sense!

Not everybody knows your company name or brand. Ninety nine percent of the people searching online have no clue who you re or what your selling. This is why your site needs to rank for the keywords related to your services.

When it comes to SEO you need to view it as this: there are already thousands of people and businesses already looking for products and services that you are selling. These are people who are already primed to buy. All you have to do is get your website in front of them. That’s where SEO comes into play. By using search engine optimization your website will eventually get in front of this search traffic and therefore increase new business. Why continue to chase customers with outdated marketing services when all you have to do is get your keywords ranked!

If your website isn’t optimize, ranking for your top keywords, gets little to no traffic, or just doesn’t convert well when traffic does come to the site, call me so we can figure out whats going on with the site and what needs to change. This one phone call could determine the future of your company.

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