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August 18, 2012
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As you may be aware, Google has made it harder to perform keyword research over the last few months. They took away their keyword tool and converted it into more of a PPC type of research platform. When it comes to organic SEO, researching keywords and their click-cost ratios really don’t apply to organic search, however, the new keyword planner is still useful.

Also, with Google’s algorithm updates, Penguin and Hummingbird (although Hummingbird really wasn’t a real alto update), some business owners who are familiar with at least the basics of SEO seem to be backing off it a little. Perhaps their thinking is that they cannot win with all these updates to search algorithms and changes that make it much harder for their websites to achieve good rank positioning. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

SEO is not dead, and let me be the first of many to state this. The problem isn’t that Google continues to update their algorithm and make strict changes that make it hard to gain quality SERPs. The real issue here is that SEO firms or people who are performing SEO for clients are not changing with the times. That’s right, changing with the times is the issue!

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Like anything else, as we continue to advance within the information, online SEO and social media worlds, change is very necessary. It’s like big corporations changing their policies, for the betterment of the company and their employees, certain workers within find themselves unhappy with change because they’re not use to things being different. Most SEO firms continue to perform their marketing strategies like it was the year 2008. That’s not possible! The only result from this mind set will be bad SEO results, such as bad rankings, bad website optimization, Google penalties, etc.

In todays SEO world, you have to adapt to the times. SEO is still very strong when applied correctly. Here’s an email a client of our sent to me on January 2nd, 2014:

Hope your New Years celebration was great too! AWESOME JOB on the rankings! Both offices topped $1M this year for the first time and I give you a lot of credit for that Matt!

This email came from one of the Arizona franchise co-owners of one of the nations most well known moving companies. Their online search rankings were pretty nonexistent before applying SEO. They were relying on referrals and ppc before we started on their SEO. We have been working for them over a year and a half now and their organic search dominates all their other online marketing efforts. How’s that for SEO being dead? I thought so!!

Most of our clients who have been with us over a realistic time frame have all achieved top rankings for their best keywords. And because of that they have also experienced significant increases in business. If you hook up with the right firm with the right strategies you will see that SEO is just as powerful as it was 5 years ago. But like anything in the new year 2014, your SEO has to be that which matches the current times and not 5-7 years ago. If you make sure your search engine optimization matches the functionality of todays search engines you are sure to be successful.

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