IRS Scam Ring Finally Busted by US Authorities

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US IRS Scam Bust

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I apologize that this doesn’t have anything to do with search engine optimization or internet marketing but it’s definitely something that’s important if your a business owner, or an individual that pays their taxes. This information applies even if you’re somebody who hasn’t filed taxes in years or were thinking about starting again as you may be out of the loop. US authorities have busted a ring of scam artists posing as IRS employees responsible for stealing roughly $300 million from innocent Americans.

Per an article on Facebook, “The U.S. Department of Justice obtained an indictment involving 56 alleged fraudsters based in the United States and also five call centers in India, all accused of tricking people into paying fake tax bills either by wire or placing money on prepaid cards.

The United States will be seeking the extradition of those based in India and warned others engaged in similar schemes.

The indictment accuses the U.S. arm of the network of grabbing the cash off the prepaid cards and then laundering the money. It also accuses fast-talkers at the call centers of tricking victims into thinking they were talking to the IRS — or authorities from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.”

For those of us who do file our taxes year after year, the last thing we want is to hear from the IRS after we pay our taxes. It’s not bad enough that we have to hand over hard earned money that we worked hard for all year only to find out we owe more money to the IRS because what they consider as “true itemized deductions” did not fit a few of the items we wrote off on our taxes.

Generally when the IRS has an issue with you, whether it be back taxes, or they want to audit you, the IRS will send you a notice in the mail. IRS employees or agents will never call you personally. If you have been receiving calls from the IRS, or people claiming to be representatives of the Internal Revenue Service, threatening to sew you or take legal action due to an unpaid tax bill, don’t worry, these guys are scam artists.

Over the last few years many people across the United States have been receiving calls from people claiming to be employees of the IRS. Most of these people have Indian or Pakistani accents and don’t speak good English. Not that this doesn’t describe the IRS’s normal call center employees, but again, government employees don’t usually make personal calls to you, they mail notifications to your place of residence.

The scammer’s intentions are to scare unknowing US citizens into providing personal financial information by claiming the individual owes back taxes from years past. These con men go as far as threatening to sue or even sending IRS employees and agents to the persons home or place of work. An individual who doesn’t know any better starts crapping in their pants, stressing so bad that they actually hand over sensitive information to the criminal in hopes of resolving the matter. The problem is that there never was a matter with the Internal Revenue Service and now some scumbag has your financial information or even worse, your complete identity.

If you have a good CPA you’ve already been made aware of this scam. My personal accountant here in Waddell,AZ informed me of this phone scam a couple years ago. I’ve actually gotten a few of these calls and just for giggles do you want to know what I said to them? Come on, it’s something we’ve all wanted to say to the IRS (if they were the real IRS). I told them to F$#% off and to get a real job. How many times have you wanted to say that to Uncle Sam? I bet a lot right!!! Unfortunately we don’t get to say this to the real IRS but at least for some of us that knew about this scam we were able to say it to a bunch of criminals that don’t deserve to be free.

I can’t say that I’m surprised that these scumbags were finally caught or that they might get thrown in some dark dungeon in some federal black site (wishful thinking). But I am glad they have been apprehended and that our authorities are cracking down on people like this. You’d be surprised at how many Americans are not aware of this scam and lose their minds when they think the IRS is demanding legal action for back taxes they owe. It’s time we fought back against thugs like this and put them in their place. Today was a step in that direction.

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