Local SEO and Google Maps

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After many years within the online marketing industry, FMS has determined that a client’s SEO plan cannot be a pre-designed set of packages. A successful SEO strategy has to be customized and specifically tailored for each individual client to meet their own local online goals.

We also realize that customers have many different SEO companies to choose from – some are good but most are completely incompetent! It’s pretty straight forward: Pre-Designed SEO plans and packages DON’T WORK!

In fact, every website has its own makeup, its own challenges, competition level, keyword difficulty, search traffic volume and much more. This is precisely why FMS offers all clients a customized plan, tailored fit for each individual client, regardless of which city they operate in. In fact, if the client has several city locations across the United States, it’s even more important to have a specific tailored plan for your SEO strategy. It not only ensures greater SEO success but also greater search ranking longevity.

FMS can help any client, whether it be a Roofer, Plumber, Day Spa, Dentist, HVAC or Pest Control, it doesn’t matter. Local clients have a specific set of goals that pertain to their local market and what their customers want. These days having a killer website isn’t enough. Local customers are going to the Google Business profile of a company, looking at their location, their services, their website address, and most importantly, their GOOGLE REVIEWS. It used to be that customers decided to contact a business based on the information they got from the website. In today’s world they’re basing their decision not only from what they read on a business website but from the TESTIMONIALS they read on their Google My Business page. Local search is getting much more sophisticated and we know what it takes to meet exactly what the customer is looking for.
When it comes to choosing the right online marketing agency you can effectively remove “All Doubt” in your next LOCAL SEO campaign by hiring FMS. Not only will it be our mission to get the job done right the first time out, we’ll eliminate the headache of gambling on multiple online vendors.
Matt Deloff

Google is all about Relevance. If they feel your relevant to your industry your website and local Google profile move up the organic and local rankings. Here’s the advanced services we offer that most SEO’s fail or even understand how to execute: