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December 2, 2015
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February 3, 2016
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FMS is wishing all of you a very prosperous 2016. We would like to express our gratitude and thank each and every one of you for being an FMS client. This new year is going to bring a lot of new additions, one being how we provide monthly data to our clients and two, additional SEO services to keep everything fresh and moving forward.

Let’s dive into the first change that is already in the works, Heat Maps. What is a Heat Map? To put it simply, they help us understand which areas on a web page are engaging your users: where they’re looking, which promotions are working, and how their entire journey takes shape. This is a great metric to use to see where better call to actions need to be implemented in order to increase conversions.

See the image below which displays a heat map.

website heat maps

In this image of Google’s search results page, know as SERP, we see where traffic gravitated to for a particular search. Your analytics will soon display screen shots of certain sub pages that show these heat maps. We will be able to better understand what part of a page traffic tends to gravitate to so we can execute better strategies to convert them into customers.

The next change we would like to discuss today is the ranking platform we have been using for the last couple months. As you know we changed our rank platform so we could show you more data regarding your site in comparison to competitor websites. This platform, know as Mondovo, is currently working with FMS to integrate Clicky analytics into them. Most rank platforms only offer the option to integrate Google analytics into your ranking data and as most of you know, being that I was frustrated with Google’s lack of initiative when it came to ghost traffic, I was very pleased with Mondovo’s ownership and their willingness to listen to my suggestions. As of right now we are about 3 weeks out before Clicky analytics will be integrated into your ranking data but it will be here very soon. The more data we can combine the more options we have in improving your online marketing.

Also, I made the suggestion to them to build a better way to compare organic rankings with local and national rankings. Soon we will be able to show your local maps and organic rankings side by side. For clients that are on a national scale, we’ll be able to show your local area rankings side by side with your national. Hopefully in the near future, they will also incorporate which page of your site is coming up for certain rank positions within each search engine. They are currently looking into ways to make each sub page URL fit within their current results display. When we know more on that we’ll announce the details.

So that’s it for this update. As I stated above, there are more changes coming down the pipe. A couple are already in motion that were not mentioned here but as we get into the later part of January or beginning of February we’ll send out another update.

For now, have a great start to the new year, and we wish everyone good health, peace and abundance. Talk soon!


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