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Professional SEO for Arizona Plumbers

Not putting enough resources into optimizing your website for search engines as a local plumbing company based in Phoenix, Arizona could turn out to be a big mistake. Keyword search volumes indicate that there is a lot of potential business that you miss out on. How much? Let’s find out in today’s article!

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

As a local plumbing business in Phoenix, AZ – or any other plumbing business really – being able to rely on word-of-mouth recommendation has so many benefits. First of all, people put a lot of trust in what their friends and family members say and they value their opinions. Secondly, as long as you provide a first-class service, recommendations will happen automatically and you don’t have to invest time nor money into it.

Benefit number three: Word-of-mouth marketing helps you to build your brand and makes you stand out from your competition. Lastly, it creates long-term value. Research has shown that clients who purchase a service based on referrals are likely to stick with a company for an extended time period, rather than people who became aware of a business through other marketing channels.

The bottom line: Word-of-mouth marketing is highly profitable, but is it enough?

SEO As Part Of Your Marketing Arsenal

Apart from word-of-mouth marketing, there are many other marketing channels that Phoenix plumbers would do well to utilize. One of them is SEO.

How SEO May Help Phoenix Plumbers

As a local business, not investing into search engine optimization means missing out on a lot of opportunities to establish your company and grow. Here are 5 reasons why you need to invest into SEO right now:

1. It’s highly effective – As long as you apply the right strategies and techniques, SEO still works and it works better than ever before! Why? Because the days of low-quality, spammy sites populating the top positions of the SERPs are long gone, which means a lot less competition for you.

2. It provides one of the best ROIs – Research has shown that email and social media are the top two digital marketing channels in terms of ROI. SEO ranks in third position above PPC, display advertising as well as content and affiliate marketing. 45% of marketers rated SEO to bring “good” or even “excellent” return of investment.

3. It benefits your other marketing channels – Ranking prominently in the SERPs results in more search traffic getting redirected to your site. These additional users will share your content on social media and might turn into fans or followers, which helps with your social media marketing. More search engine exposure also means that the awareness for your business increases. You can build up credibility and users will start to remember and recognize your company, which is an advantage when it comes to paid ad placements.

4. Search traffic is highly targeted – Search traffic is highly targeted, because that’s how search engines operate. They provide the best possible and most relevant results for a specific search query. When a user searches for “plumbers in phoenix” and your company website shows up, chances are high that you just won a new client. If your website does not show up, well…

5. Search traffic is huge – Search traffic is free and it flows into your site 24/7 – that’s one aspect. The other aspect is that depending on what keywords you are trying to rank for, traffic numbers can be incredibly high. This can also be the case for local search terms and in industries that don’t have a hype factor, such as plumbing.

Search Volumes For Keywords Related To Phoenix Plumbing

To further illustrate how much traffic you are missing out on as a plumber in Phoenix, if you don’t focus on online marketing and SEO in particular, here are some search volumes for keywords related to “Phoenix Plumbing”.


On a side note: There are different tools that you can use to get an idea about keyword search volume. Probably the most popular and definitely most reliable one is Google’s own AdWords Keyword Planner. I mean, who knows better than Google itself, how many people search for a certain query each month? The only drawback is that you have to run an ad campaign to see exact numbers. If you haven’t, then you will only be able to look up very rough estimates, as you can see in the screenshot below:

Compare this to the real numbers and you know why working with rough estimates is a bad idea:

In this image the keyword research is from Ahrefs, one of the best SEO tools on the planet. Google’s keyword planner tool is mainly for paid advertising (Adwords) where as Ahrefs shows you real organic SEO keyword search volume and real cost-per-click prices in the event you want to perform pay-per-click and need to know real time price estimates for your campaigns. While Google’s keyword planner tool is a good platform to use you have to run campaigns to get useful metrics and they mainly apply to Adwords. Years ago when their previous keyword research tool was still accessible, you could get the most accurate organic keyword search volume in the land. For whatever reasons Google did away with it to force people into their Adword service. I guess everything’s about the money these days.

Another tool that I consider really useful is SEMrush. It uses web browser and app data in combination with machine learning to estimate keyword volume. The company itself claims to have “the most accurate volume estimations on the market”.


This is what SEMrush comes up with for desktop searches in the U.S. when you enter “Phoenix Plumbing”:

The same report but this time for mobile searches:

What If You Don’t Have The Time To Learn SEO?

SEO is a big opportunity to grow your plumbing business in Phoenix and get a continuous stream of new clients. If you don’t have the time (or willingness) to learn how to do it, I strongly recommend you hire a professional service provider instead. Remember, SEO is highly effective and apart from social media and email marketing, it provides the best ROI of all digital marketing channels. Think about this, people are already looking for plumbers in Phoenix. The only problem is they’re not finding your website cause you’re not ranked on the front page of Google. If you were ranked on the front page, just by getting your website in the upper portion of this page, you’d have your business in front of all these searches that want plumbing services. You’ll make your SEO investment back in no time and from that point it’s almost like capturing free business. What’s better than that? It certainly beats chasing after customers.

FMS in the Only SEO Choice in Phoenix

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