SEO For Health Clubs In Arizona

Gyms & Yoga Studios Listen Up!

From experience we know that a lot of local health club businesses in Arizona underestimate the power of SEO. As a result, they are missing out on potential new customers. How many? We are about to find out!

Keyword Search Volumes For Health Clubs In Arizona

Gym, yoga studio, fitness center. Let’s say you run some type of health club in Arizona and you don’t invest any of your resources into search engine optimization at this time. As a consequence, your website doesn’t rank very well in Google.

Here is an excerpt of the search queries and therefore potential new customers that you are missing out on every single month:


Health Club Related Keywords

Fitness Related Keywords

Gym Related Keywords

Yoga Related Keywords

At first glance, 30 monthly searches for “yoga in arizona” doesn’t seem much and not worth the effort to put your time and money into SEO. However, you should never underestimate the power of related keywords. Their search volumes can add up quickly and with the right SEO strategy and techniques in place, your website is going to rank for all similar keywords at the same time.

“yoga arizona”, “arizona yoga studios”, “yoga studios arizona”, “arizona yoga” and “yoga in arizona” – that’s 360 searches per month right there and we have many more keywords on our list!

The average click-through rate for search results ranking in position 1 lies somewhere between 20 and 35 percent. This means that these 5 keywords alone have the potential to redirect an additional 72 to 126 users to your website on a monthly basis. And remember, this is highly targeted traffic.

On top of that, we have a couple of keywords on our list that are even more location-specific, such as “yoga retreat in sedona arizona” and “yoga in sedona arizona”. These are easier to rank for, as you don’t have to compete with all other yoga studios or retreats in all of Arizona, but only those based in Sedona.

On a side note: We didn’t invest more than 5 minutes to find the above keywords. Our goal was not to furnish a complete list, but to give you a rough idea of what you are missing out on, if you neglect search engine optimization as a health club business owner in Arizona. With more time at hand, we are convinced that it would be possible to expand the list and find a couple of golden nuggets.

How To Retrieve Keyword Data

You might be wondering, where did these guys retrieve all the keyword data in the first place?
That’s easy, if you have access to the right tool(s). We usually rely on Ahrefs – a paid tool – to conduct our keyword research. Here is how it works:


1.Once logged into your Ahrefs account, click on the “Keywords explorer”-tab and enter one or more different seed keywords separated by comma. Next, choose the country version of Google that you want to get keyword data for. For us that’s usually the United States. Hit enter.

2. In the second screen, click “All” under “Keyword ideas” in the sidebar on the left hand side.

3. Depending on your seed keywords, Ahrefs will provide you with a vast list of keyword ideas and their monthly search volumes. You can use the various filters on top to refine the results.

How To Optimize Your Gym/Yoga Studio Website

Finding the right keywords to optimize your website for is a walk in the park. The real challenge lies in applying the most effective SEO techniques that are necessary in order to actually rank your site in the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages).

This includes optimizing the site itself in terms of content, meta tags, schema markup and also from a technical point of view. Furthermore, since you are running a local business, you should emphasize on local SEO.

Action plans for local SEO involve setting up a complete Google My Business listing, creating a handful of NAP-consistent business profiles on reputable directories, and encouraging happy customers to leave positive reviews. Other than that, it’s always a good idea to do some link building and to get the word out about your business in general.

The Results You Can Expect

What are some of the results that you can expect when you do SEO the right way?
First and foremost, you will see an increase of free traffic flowing to your site thanks to higher search engine rankings. Again, this traffic is laser-targeted, which is why it’s likely to generate lots of conversions.

Above that, SEO will also benefit your other marketing channels, for example your social media.
Last but not least, more brand awareness. Brand awareness is what sets you apart from your competition. It’s what makes prospective clients recognize your business when they stumble upon it online as well as offline and it builds trust.

Don’t Wait Any Longer


If you’ve had enough of mediocre search engines rankings and little to none users visiting your beautiful website, the time to act is now. Don’t wait any longer. Contact us today and our team will come up with a sophisticated SEO strategy that will boost your website to Google page 1 and shoot your business over the moon.