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How many times over the last couple years have we heard that SEO is Dead? Probably several right? Some of these articles have even gone as far as stating that searches for SEO related topics is at an all time low due to the fact most have become aware of what SEO is. I agree that there are certainly more and more business owners that have become more familiar with the term “SEO” but to say that more people or businesses know exactly what SEO is or how it’s applied, I highly doubt that.

As businesses search for other marketing services that can help their revenue and customer base grow more have heard about search engine optimization. Whether they have explored applying it to their business and their presence online is another story. I still believe that more business owners, especially on a local level, do not understand what SEO or digital marketing is and why it’s so important to today’s marketing efforts. One reason may be the over saturated online marketing industry consisting of agencies that may pass the eye test but when it comes to achieving results they fail the test. Let’s take a look at the image below.

seo search stats

These stats were taken from SEM Rush. They represent search volume for the term “SEO” and have given other terms that may relate to it. The keyword “SEO” receives over 90,000 searches per month in the United States alone and “SEO company” gets a very strong 9,900. Worldwide search volume is even stronger.

Let’s go a step further.

SEO search volume

I wanted to see how much search volume the term “SEO Services” receives monthly across the US. This produces 8,100 searches per month and “local SEO services” get’s 1,900. I’d say SEO and searches for related information is far from dead.

Now let’s break it down one more step. I researched how much search volume keywords get per month for SEO related services here in Phoenix AZ. Check out the result below.

Phoenix SEO Services

In Phoenix, the monthly search volume for the term “Phoenix SEO” is a very strong 880. The term “Phoenix SEO Company” gets 320 searches per month. The search volume, when compared to nationally, is much different when you break it down by city, which would apply to local search. Local businesses need to focus on city location keywords that apply to their service areas rather than going after general terms that represent a national presence. It is much more beneficial for them to apply it this way. National chains or businesses that need to have a presence throughout the USA would need to go after the general terms.

As you can see, SEO is not dead, and people continue to search for information pertaining to it each and every month. What’s even more motivating is more businesses that know what it can do for their company growth are searching for providers each month, whether locally or nationally. These are all great signs that SEO is strong and here to stay. Just like the times, industries change and SEO has evolved over the years, but to say it’s dead or dying, I think these may just be opinions from others who don’t understand it or it’s evolution.

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