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Small Business SEO for Success

Having a strong online presence in Arizona is important for any business. Today’s consumers no longer look in the telephone book or pay attention to commercials on the radio or television as they use the internet to find what they are looking for. From products to services, consumers go online to find their next shopping destination or to find out more information about a business. If you do not have a strong online presence, then you are missing out on your key demographic. SEO for Arizona small businesses can easily be used to build a following online, helping your business to continue to grow and expand.

What is SEO?

The term SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms, SEO is a technique used by websites to be able to attract traffic as well as drive traffic to their site. The goal is to use SEO keywords in order to get your website noticed on the web. Search engines are relied on heavily in order to bring leads. Google and Bing are among the top search engines that can be utilized in order to help gain leads to your business.

Keywords and Title Tags

Search Engine Optimization begins with keywords. When anything is published online, search engines will quickly scan the content and publish the websites that are caught first. By using the right number and quality of keywords, you will be noticed. Per-output, it is suggested that websites use 7 to 10 SEO keywords.


Next, each page of your site must have unique title tags that briefly tell the search engines what that page is about. Back in the day webmasters and SEO’s used to overload title tags with keywords they wanted the site to rank for. This became spammy in the eyes of Google. While title tags should contain at least one solid keyword, it should also look natural. If your site is about “landscaping services for Phoenix”, your title tags on every page should not display “landscaping Phoenix AZ”. Maybe your home page has a title tag that’s something like “Custom Landscaping and Design – Phoenix | ABC Company”, which would tell Google what your whole site is about. Every other page should be unique to that pages content and doesn’t need to display what city you are marketing to. You already conveyed that message with the home page and by doing that to every other page would be overkill.

Being Unique

It is also important that the content you produce is unique. You may have the right keywords but if you do not use original content, then your demographic will find the same content somewhere else. This means you will be putting in the work but still losing traffic. Be sure to create unique content that is added to your site on a regular basis with SEO searches utilized in order to use the most unique keywords to drive in traffic.

Link Building

Websites are ranked according to the number of times a website link appears on other websites. Because of this, it is important to work on link building. You can do this by guest blogging on other sites or work with web partners to tie in your site to help redirect traffic to your brand. This process can take some time and you want to be sure that you work with quality sites in order to maintain a good business reputation.

The most effective link building method is creating engaging content that other highly relative websites want to link to and share with their audience. Sometimes your content automatically causes this white label link building effect to happen and a lot of the times you have to perform “outreach service” too do so. The key is to lock in on what the best websites in your industry are blogging about or want to hear about, reach out to them and introduce yourself, ask them to review your article, and try to build a relationship with them that eventually involves them linking to your content and sharing it. When this happens you create the most effective “white label” link building storm that completely falls within Googles guidelines. If you want to experience a huge rank boost this is the way to go.

Everything Has to Come Together

When these three components come together properly, your website will be successful in creating a strong presence online. If you are unfamiliar with the process of Search Engine Optimization, including keywords, link building, and content, it is recommended that you work with a specialist in these areas. Working with an SEO professional will ensure the proper steps are taken to build your website correctly, complete with unique content using specific keywords and link building, so traffic can begin to flow to your site. You will be able to build a strong brand presence and see success with the selling of products or services for your brand.

If you’re a business in Arizona and you need help building your presence within Google or across major social media platforms, please contact FMS today. We know what it takes to build our clients online presence and we set realistic expectations everytime.  Contact our team now.

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