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September 11, 2015
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If you’ve ever researched or decided it was time for your company to hire an SEO firm then there’s no doubt that you looked at what the costs would be. Some SEO firms are cheap while others were expensive. Maybe you even found a few that were right there in the middle? One thing is for sure, quality SEO is not cheap and you get what you pay for.

These days there are a ton of SEO companies out there. There are so many throughout the USA that it probably seems overwhelming when researching which firm to hire and which one offers the most quality. The keyword here is “Quality”.

Let me ask you, if you’re a company operating in a competitive industry, do you want an SEO firm that can actually deliver solid results in the first 4-6 months? Or, would you rather settle on an SEO firm because they were the cheapest, and will not get your site ranked past the 5th page of Google in the first 4-6 months? I think the first choice is the most logical.

Many SEO firms these days promise unrealistic results just to get the sale / client. They figure they’ll tell you anything just to get you to sign on the dotted line and once they have you locked in for the next 6-12 months, what difference does it make what kind of results they get you? You’re their client for the next 6-12 months which to them means they have a monthly payment coming from you whether they can honestly deliver on their promises or not.

When it comes to the SEO services that my company, FMS, provides to it’s clients, we don’t make false promises nor do we make guarantees. The search engines are the boss and depending on how they index our work or what changes they make to their algorithms, we are at their mercy whether we like it or not. The only expectations we can set are based on what we have done for our current clients. In all honesty, you could ask all of our clients right now and they will all tell you that we’ve gotten them ranked pretty well over the course of their services. But to make promises like “we’ll get you to the front page of Google in the next 4 weeks is absolutely ridiculous”. If an SEO firm says that to you that’s your cue to run!

Also, a lot of SEO agencies say things like “our SEO services are $200 per month or we have packages for our clients to choose from that best fit their budgets”. There’s two things wrong with this. One, $200 of SEO per month, even from a quality SEO company will get you nowhere. And two, how can an SEO firm make SEO packages filled with services before they meet with the client and get an understanding of the clients goals and what industry the client operates in? I would stay away from this!!!!

If you’re in the middle of interviewing a couple SEO professionals, ask them for references, have them show you a current rank report of a current client, ask them if all SEO work is done in-house and not outsourced, and see if they ask you what your expectations are. These questions are important. There are many SEO agencies that outsource their clients work to India because it’s much cheaper and allows them to make even more off of their client. If you’re a business in the USA then it’s important, actually critical, that your SEO is performed by USA standards. India’s SEO practices are much different then here int he USA and I promise you once Google gets around to indexing your on and off-page optimization, your site will receive a nice message from Google stating that it has been penalized. Don’t risk it!!! Cleaning up a manual action penalty from Google is a pain and can take months to get out of their dog house.

Use these tips to help you and your company make the best decision in hiring an SEO company. If you want quality SEO you will be paying good money for good results. To hire some firm that has minimal SEO skills or outsources their work overseas will cost you. If you’re like most businesses out there time is money and there’s not much room to waste. If you have any questions please contact our team as we’ll be happy to assist. Happy SEOing!!!

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