Why Our SEO is Arizona’s Best

A Solid SEO Makes a Huge Difference

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the number of visitors to your digital assets (website,webpage, social media,etc) by implementing strategies that help move them up the search results. Your online presence increases the more Google sees your business as an authority to your industry.

The FMS team are experts in identifying  the most up-to-date, innovative strategies in such a way that your keywords and digital properties start to significantly move up Googles rank results. Why hire FMS? Below are the reasons that prove we’re the best SEO company in Phoenix,AZ.


In the world of high technology, many bogus SEO’s try to scam business owners who don’t know any better, and because of that, the business owner ends up throwing money away. They promise them rankings in a ridiculously quick amount of time that’s not humanly possible. The business owner who doesn’t know any better thinks this sounds amazing and signs on with the SEO, and they end up wasting money and getting no results. The only one that benefited from that was the SEO who preyed on this business.

Ten Reasons We’re the Best SEO in Phoenix

1. Our clients are our top priority. Every organization has different needs, and we create strategies that fit their goals. Our clients don’t have to worry about being misled as we take their organizational goals very seriously.

2. Our team possesses many years of SEO experience and knowledge. We’re always looking at ways we can be better and because of that our clients continue to get results that have a positive impact on their businesses.

3. We never use old out-dated methods that have no effect on a clients online presence. Many SEO’s are still using strategies from 10 years ago. They don’t work anymore, you have to stay on top of where our industry is headed in order to be effective.

4. We give our best to our clients everyday, no exceptions.

5. What is the point of spending money on SEO services if they don’t work? Our team creates a custom Google Shield for every client so that they can continue to obtain a higher rank position and stay there.

6. The custom Google Shield developed by our team also protects our clients from future algorithm updates.

7. We also build custom syndication networks for our clients. These networks steer the content produced, edited, and modified by us to Google’s most attractive content sites and attract more viewers. They also naturally build SEO back to the clients website or webpage which helps increase the clients online relevance.

8. Through our Google Shield we leverage Google’s properties to the clients advantage. Google loves Google and when you have their properties sending serious SEO power back to your digital assets you begin to give Google exactly what they want.

9. We have created a strong bond with all our clients, you can rely on us to get the job done. We help our clients secure the greatest return on investment possible.

10. Your website and Gsite are your online business cards. They tell potential customers who you are and what you provide. We make sure that message never falls on deaf ears.

Don’t Settle on Any Old SEO Agency


When hiring an SEO to build your online presence always make sure they are honest, experienced, innovative and have your best interests at heart. Having these qualities will make all the difference. It’s the FMS way! Call today (623)687-1673 or visit https://fmsonlinemarketing.com.